Week of June 27

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Eric Diaz and Abide Church in Pasco, WA. Eric is planting the church with his brother, Professor Adam Diaz. Abide Church is closely tied with Columbia Basin College and is reaching students and young singles and families in the Tri-Cities area. Pray they would be bold in sharing the Gospel, and that many would respond to the Good News. Pray God will raise up leaders to serve alongside the Diaz brothers, and to be sent out to plant additional churches.

  • Pray for our Partners: Tarrant Baptist Association (Texas).   Pray for Executive Director David Bowman, Church Starting Strategist Troy Wolfe, and the rest of the amazing team at Tarrant.  They have collaborated with us over the years to support church planting, and we are excited to see how God continues to allow us to cross-pollinate and encourage one another.

  • Pray for rePlanters Matt & Tiffany Holdahl as they rePlant Calvary Baptist Church in Albany, Oregon. Pray that God would continue giving them favor in their community. Pray their basketball ministry would open doors for Gospel conversations. Pray for financial provision so they can re-roof their older building's leaking roof this summer. Pray for daily encouragement as they faithfully minister to their congregation and reach their neighbors.

    Please also pray for their children as they serve with their parents: Bradyn, Charley Ann, and Abram.

  • Pray for NWBC Church Planting Director Gary Irby as he leads church planting efforts in the Northwest.  Pray for wisdom as he leads the church planting team.  Pray that God would continue to speak through him to inspire others with a vision of Gospel saturation in the Northwest through the planting of new churches resulting reaching unreached people groups.

    Pray for Gary's wife Joyce, his grown kids, and three precious grand-kids.

  • Pray that God would raise up more laborers for the harvest.

    Matthew 9:38 "therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Week of June 20

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Living Spring Fellowship (located in Des Moines, Lynnwood, & Puyallup, WA), and Planters Haggai & Mary Habila, as they lead a team to do medical missions in Nigeria beginning this week.  Pray for safe travels, open doors, fruitful connections, and changed lives.

  • Pray for our churches in process and contemplating a rePlant or revitalization.  The future is often scary and unknown, and leaving the familiar (either by choice or by necessity) can stir up deep emotions.  Pray for those Christ-followers, that they might see God at work even in hard transitions.  Pray that they would be open to the unexpected.  Pray that they might have an extra measure faith for where God wants to take their church next, and a willingness to trust that His plan is so much better than what they have seen yet.  

  • Pray for Planter Fayze Hanna and Vancouver Arabic Healing Church in Vancouver, WA. Fayze and his wife, Eman El Said, originally from Egypt, are reaching Arab speakers in the Vancouver/Portland area. Pray for them, their children, and their church as they seek to minister to families, meeting both tangible and spiritual needs. Pray for open hearts to the Gospel. Pray for growth and unity among their members. Pray that they might be a catalyst for other Arabic churches to be planted in the Northwest.

  • Pray for Planters & Pastors to build deep connections with other Pastors & Planters, that they might be encouraged and encourage others.  Pray for boldness to reach out - especially when times are tough - and openness to share their trials and triumphs.  

    Remind them Father that they are NOT alone, but rather they have brothers who have been through similar situations and can help carry their burdens.   We were created for community.  Remind our leaders that they do not have to be isolated by their positions, Lord, and provide relief through a listening ear, a shared laugh or tear, a helping hand, in Your perfect timing.  Amen.

  • Pray for Planter Rich Hutchins and Stilly Valley Church with campuses in Stanwood and Arlington, WA. Please pray for strength and encouragement as they minister in their communities, that the work they are doing will lead to Gospel conversations and changed hearts.

    Please pray for a worship leader for their body, as well as raising up leaders to serve alongside Rich and his family. Pray for Rich as he works bi-vocationally, that he would manage his time effectively.

    Pray for his wife Jill, as she labors alongside him, as well as for their children: Clara (12), Natalee (10), Trey (8), Uriah (6), and Sadie (4).

Week of June 13

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA.  Pray the Lord will guide time together and that the outcome would be pleasing to Him.  Pray for connections to develop among potential planters and partners this week, as well.

  • Please pray for Joosung Kim and Love Tree Church in Issaquah, WA.  Pray they would have many opportunities to reach those in their community with the Gospel.  Pray for open hearts and eyes to see where God is moving.

    Pray also for Joosung's wife Ellen and their four children as they minister alongside Pastor Kim.

  • Pray for several new planters who are working through the steps to begin planting in Northern Idaho.  Pray that all the details for each of their plants might be clear.  Pray that God would prepare the soil of the hearts in the areas where they will be planting, and that even now, He might be stirring the ground and making a way for His Gospel to go forth.

    Pray also He might be raising up co-laborers to join these planting teams. Pray for the local churches that have committed to partner with these church plants, and that God will develop other national partners for the area.

  • Pray for Jonathan Lee and Connections Church in Federal Way, WA.  Connections Church is one of our newest plants, reaching the local Korean population and beyond with the Good News.  Pray for strong leaders to be raised up from within and without to walk along side Jonathan and his wife Jessica as they labor in love over reaching the lost, caring for the body, and connecting in the community.  Pray also for their boys, Micah, Timothy, and Josiah.

  • Pray for NWBC Church Planting Catalyst Tim Howe (Region 1 - Seattle area), as he steps away for a well-earned sabbatical.  Pray for him, his wife Kim, and their kids Nadia, Mateo, and Mariel as they spend time traveling and reconnecting as a family.  Please pray that this time would be restful, refreshing, and bring a renewed sense of joy and purpose to Tim as he resumes his ministry in August.

Week of June 6

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Planter Steven (Yu) Sun and Living Water Chinese Baptist Church in Federal Way, WA.  Pray for Pastor Sun and his leadership as they reach Mandarin speakers in the region.  Pray the church would grow strong and that many would come to saving faith.

    Pray also for Steven's wife, Li Lin, and their children Charity & Joseph.

  • Please pray for catalytic Planter Jimmy Cruz as he plants Hispanic churches in Pasco, Yakima, and Pullman, WA.  Pray for him as he develops leaders and as they reach out to their communities with the Gospel.

    Pray for Jimmy's marriage to his new bride, Marie, that they would be blessed.  Pray for his children as they prepare to move to the United States this month after the long immigration process.

  • Pray the Lord of the Harvest would raise up more co-vocational planters for locations throughout the Northwest.  "Co-vocational" means that the planter has another job/profession that they work alongside planting the church, and they have no intent to quit doing that even when the church is launched.  More planters are needed in every region of the Northwest. 

  • Pray for Planter Roy Swihart & Cowboy Church Bow, in Bow, WA.  Pray for continued favor in their community and beyond as they minister to those in need, as well as sharing the Good News of the Gospel.

    Pray for Roy's wife Amy and their children as they work tirelessly to serve and grow His Kingdom!

  • Pray for our churches and plants to be intentionally working towards reproduction.  Pray for eyes to be open to future planters and leaders within their midst.  Pray for hearts that are passionate to see beyond the four walls of their own churches, and wisdom to know how to lead even a young church plant to have planting in its DNA.

    PS You can learn more about starting your own multiplying network at our upcoming Network Leader School this fall!

Week of May 30

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Photo by I Putu Balda Yogi Pranata on Unsplash.com

    Pray for the many high school and college students that are graduating this year.  Pray for wisdom and direction as they enter into new seasons of life. Pray they would quickly find church families where they can be discipled and use their gifts for the body, becoming mature believers.  Pray they would be salt and light wherever God leads them in this world, and that they would not stray from the narrow path that leads to life.

  • Pray for planter Donghyeok Kim and First Love Church of Seattle in Issaquah, Washington.  Pray for Pastor Kim as he strives to share the Gospel with the Korean population on the Eastside.  Pray for his wife Sunmi, his daughter Youri (14), and son Eunyou (11) as they work alongside Pastor Kim to grow this fledgling church.

  • Pray for Patrick Mugwanja and Christ Redeemed Church in Tacoma, Washington.  Pray for Patrick as he works bi-vocationally to support his family and plant the church to reach Swahili speakers in the Northwest.  Pray for his wife Eunice, and their three children Dennis, Lincoln, and Margaret.  Pray they would have many opportunities to share the Good News, and that their church will grow as people come to faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash.com

    Pray for our church plants as they prepare for VBS / Day Camps / Sports Camps for missions teams, for block parties and other outreach events.  Pray the summer will be a fruitful time of meeting new families while Northwesterners are actually outside enjoying the nice weather!  Pray for boldness and open doors, for Gospel conversations, and transformed lives!

  • Pray for Chul Hong Kim and Grace Korean Baptist Church in Springfield, Oregon.  Pray for Pastor Kim and his wife Ouny as they seek to reach first and second generation Koreans in the Springfield area and on the college campus with the Gospel.  

Week of May 23

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Planter Oscar Cruzado and Iglesia Cristiana Cristo Vive in Edmonds, Washington.  Pray for him, his wife Gladys, as they reach out to the Hispanic population of North Seattle.  Pray for encouragement and refreshing as they serve tirelessly to see the lost come to faith.

  • Pray for Planter James Maze and Cowboy Church of Darrington.  James is planting the church in Darrington, and also pastors an established church in Everett (Silver Lake Baptist Church).  Pray for him and his wife Linda as they navigate all the challenges that come from an unconventional church plant.  Pray they would continue to have open doors to the horse and rodeo communities as they work, live, and share the Gospel among them.  Pray for strong partners to walk alongside them as they plant, to provide resources and encouragement.

  • Pray for our partner Jeanette Fanai and The Church Network Hub.  Started by Jeanette over 15 years ago in Seattle, the Hub has provided administrative services for 100s of churches and church plants over the years,  They currently provide assistance to 55 churches/plants, both in the Northwest and multiple other locations around the US. Pray for Jeanette and her team as they serve these plants faithfully by caring for their financial matters.  Pray for encouragement for the hard days and that they would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that while it may not always feel it, the work they are doing has Kingdom impact and they ARE making a difference!  So thankful for you, Jeanette!

  • Pray for Planter Dustin Payne and Go Church PDX, being planted in Portland, Oregon.  Pray for Dustin, his wife Dawn, and their kids Lyra, Auron, and Senai as they work to build a core group.  Pray specifically that God would draw leaders to the area and to this brand new plant to join the Payne's in planting Go Church PDX.  Pray for patience and endurance as planting in the Northwest is a slow, slow process.  Pray even now that God would bring into Dustin's path those with hearts sensitive to the Gospel, and that he would have boldness to share the truth in love, resulting in changed lives!

  • Pray for catalytic planter Boris Alfaro and Comunidad Cristiana Renuevo in Salem, Oregon. Boris has been planting for many years now, and has seen multiple campuses birthed over the years.  He is active beyond his own work in assisting to recruit and train new Hispanic planters throughout Oregon.

    Pray also for his lovely wife, Teresa, especially as she serves as an Elementary School Principal in Salem.

Week of May 16

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for our Northwest Pastors, Wives, and other leaders attending the Oasis Conference (M-W) in Sun River, Oregon.  Pray the time away together will be refreshing and encouraging. 

  • Pray for our partner Joe Chambers as he meets this week - both individually and in gatherings - with Northwest planters, pastors & their wives to encourage them and provide Soul Care.  Pray for wisdom as he listens and speaks.

  • Pray for Planter Dave Elliff & Roots Community Church in the Roosevelt & Ravenna neighborhoods of Seattle, WA.  Pray for Dave and his team as they seek to be a beacon of light in what is a challenging city full of hopelessness and darkness.  

    Pray for Dave's wife, Mary, and their five adorable littles: Caroline, Caleb, Elijah, Emily, and Kate!

  • Pray for Planter Jason Page and Makers Church Northwest in Portland, Oregon.  Pray for their core group and leaders as they move towards their public launch this fall, that they might be effective in reaching their neighbors and community with the Gospel.  Pray for open doors and changed lives.

    Pray for Jason's family - wife Meagan, and kids Olivia and Magnolia.

  • Pray for Planter Frank Wood and Twin Rivers Community Church in Crooked River Ranch, Oregon.  Pray for God to bring the resources to complete their building project, so that they might be able to meet and do ministry in their new space.  Pray for wisdom for Frank and his leadership as they lead the body to reach their community with the Good News.

    Pray also for Frank's wife, Vicky.

Section Title

  • Praise God for all the Church Planting Mom's!  We celebrate the (seemingly) unseen and unsung hours upon hours you spend caring well for your families, so your husbands can serve the Lord through planting...not to mention the hours upon hours spent serving the church plant, too!  We praise God for your patience and faithfulness, and pray you would be strengthened in your inner being and know that the seemingly small and insignificant acts of service you do for your children, your husband, and your church MATTER.  Praising God for you today!

  • Pray for Bryan Toll and Garden Church in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Pray for Bryan as he settles in as their new pastor, following the transition from the original planter.  Pray for wisdom as Bryan leads Garden Church forward to be a light in their community.  Pray for safety and open doors for ministry in the midst of a city that is struggling with unrest, racial tensions, and widespread homelessness.

    Pray for Bryan's wife Leslie, as she strives alongside her husband for the work of the Kingdom.

  • Pray for Planter Jordin Crow, who is planting a campus of Living Hope Church in Ashland, Oregon.  Pray for favor as he ministers on campus at Southern Oregon University.

  • Pray for Planter Josh Tucker and Lighthouse Community Church in Richland, Washington.  Pray for Josh as he leads his church to be salt and light in their community.  

    Pray for Josh's wife Alicia, and their kids Eliza and Terry.

  • Pray for James & Chelsea Clark as they plant a campus of Resonate Church on the Western Washington University Campus in Bellingham, Washington.  Pray for the Clarks as they lead their team to connect with students and build Gospel relationships.  Pray for the students, that they would grow in their faith and make life-long commitments to living for Christ.

    Pray also for the team preparing to be sent out in the next year from Bellingham to plant another Resonate Campus in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Week of May 2

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Planter Jacob Morris and Reliance Fellowship in West Richland, Washington.  Pray for Jacob and his team as they minister in their community and disciple the church body.  Pray for wisdom as they plan and prepare to plant a second church/campus in the next year or two.

    Pray for Jacob's wife Beth, and their children Jessa (17), Miley (14), Lincoln (10), Kuwan (10), Korina (9), and Amora (4).

  • Pray for Day One of the two-day SEND Network Assessment Retreat in West Seattle, Washington..  Pray for the multiple potential planters & spouses as they begin the process today.  Pray for peace for each of the candidates, that they would be open and willing, and that they would trust God through this process.  Ask the Lord to guide and direct this  "retreat" and that it will be a blessing and encouragement to all involved.

  • Pray for Day Two of the SEND Network Assessment Retreat.  Please lift up the individuals serving in the various Assessor roles. Pray that they would be listening to the Holy Spirit as they discern both areas of strengths and growth areas in couples.  Pray they would set aside any preconceptions and be led by the Lord in both the questions they ask, and what they hear in response. 

    Pray for their final deliberations, that they would be led by the Spirit to determine whether candidates are ready to plant or need more time to work on areas of growth.

  • Pray for Planter Williams Velez and Iglesia Nueva Esperanza in Albany, Oregon.  Pray that he would lead his church to reach their community with the Gospel.  Pray for  Williams and his wife, Elurden, as they labor to see lives changed.

  • Pray for Planter Hem Pradhan and Emmanuel Bhutanese Church in Kent, Washington.  Pray they would be effective in reaching the Bhutanese peoples in the region with the Gospel.  Pray for provision for their congregation, many of whom are refugees.  

    Pray for Hem's wife, Bidhya, and their children Austeen, Gloria, and Angelina.

Week of April 25

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for safe travels as 300 planters, spouses, kids, and other leaders as they journey to Cannon Beach for the annual Church Planting Conference.  Pray for keynote speaker Jeff Iorg, worship leaders Nate & Becky McGlinchy, and others as they lead the sessions.  

    Pray for Church Planting Director Gary Irby and other NWBC Church Planting & Church Health leaders, as they seek to lead and serve the planters and their families.

    Pray for NWBC Childhood Ministry Director Leigh Ann Stark and her team as they show God's love and teach church planter kids in their very own VBS.  Please lift up the large group of teens we have that will be participating in a youth group, led by Becky Peters.

    Pray for NWBC Church Planting Administrator Natalie Hammond and her amazing team of volunteers as they manage the nuts and bolts of the retreat.

  • Please be in prayer for our Church Planting Retreat as it continues into day two.  Pray for the ladies, as they spend some quality time together and with Ann Iorg, encouraging one another and being encouraged themselves.  Pray for our breakout leaders, and for Jeff Iorg as he shares in our main sessions on leadership.

    Pray for the planting couples and families as they enjoy some quality free time on the beach and relaxing, that this time away would be both a time of growth, but also a time of refreshing.

  • We are so thankful for the amazing team of people who run the Cannon Beach Conference Center.  They are currently understaffed and feeling the strain of wanting to be a blessing and yet not having the staff to do all they would like to do.  Pray for more people to join their team, and for refreshing and encouragement for all the workers who serve us so humbly and well!  Pray in thanksgiving for Kevin, Karen, & Tyler in the retreats department for helping us plan and facilitate an amazing time for our planting families! 

    Pray for the many leaders from associations around the Northwest who are gathering at the retreat to connect with church planters and NWBC staff. Pray for these leaders as they seek God's direction through prayer, dreaming, and strategizing together.

    Pray for safe travel home for everyone who participated in the retreat.

  • Pray for Planter John Schmidt and Resilient Hope Fellowship in McMinnville, Oregon. Pray that the many opportunities that John has to minister in the community - including starting a furniture bank for needy families - might result in many hearts turning to Christ.  Pray for the new believers and seekers in Resilient Hope Fellowship, that they might grow and mature into reproducing disciples.

    Pray for John's wife, Kim, as she faithfully serves alongside her husband in the work of the Kingdom.

  • Pray for Planter Noe Flores and Iglesia Bautista Trinidad in Springfield, Oregon.  Pray they would have great success in sharing the Gospel among the Hispanics in their community, and that many would be added to their number.  

    Pray also for Noe's wife Yolanda, and their daughter Noely (17).

Section Title

  • Photo by Joshua Burdick on Unsplash.com

    He is Risen!  Praise the Lord!!  Hallelujah!

    I serve a risen Savior, 

      He's in the world today!

    I know that He is living, 

      whatever men may say

    I see His hand of mercy;

      I hear His voice of cheer;

    And just the time I need Him

      He’s always near.

    He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today!

      He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way.

    He lives, He lives, salvation to impart!

    You ask me how I know He lives?

        He lives within my heart.

    - He Lives - Lyrics & Music by Alfred Henry Ackley

  • Pray for Planter Sam Mhlanga and Bread of Life International Fellowship in Kent, Washington.  Pray for their congregation as they minister in their community, especially to African immigrants (Sam and his wife, Judith, are originally from Zimbabwe).  Pray for open doors as they share the Gospel with those they encounter.  

    Pray for Sam's wife Judith, and their children Blessing, Shalom, Prosper, Emmanuel, and Joseph.

  • Pray for Planter Patrick Grant and Woodstock Community Church in SE Portland, Oregon.  Pray they would be effective in reaching their community with the Good News.  Pray for encouragement as they labor in the hard soil, that at the right time they will see a harvest!

    Pray for Patrick's wife Jennifer, and their kids Riley (13), Kyler (11), Jacob (10), Michael (10), and Taegan (6).

  • Pray for a new plant in the town of Oakridge, Oregon.  Oakridge is a community in transition. An outdoor lover’s paradise, the city itself has spent the last decade shifting from a timber/logging-based economy to an outdoor adventure destination. On the Western slope of the Cascade Mountains, Oakridge has everything an outdoor adventurer could want. The Willamette Valley Baptist Association owns a piece of property in this community and is praying about the possibility of starting a new church here. Pray for wisdom as they seek the Lord’s direction in beginning this new work. Pray for a leader to rise up and take the reins. Pray for a work of the Father to transform Oakridge into a gospel outpost at the base of Willamette Pass.

  • Pray for our partner: Dr. Jeff Iorg, President of Gateway Seminary.  Pray for Dr. Iorg as he prepares to speak at the NWBC Church Planting Retreat next week on the topic of leadership.  Pray for him as he leads Gateway to be effective in training up the next generation of leaders for churches and ministries around the world.

    Pray also for his wife, Ann, who will be sharing with the women at the retreat and pouring into them.  Pray God's blessings upon them as they bless others!

Week of April 11

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Planter Cesar Muego and Mt. Vernon Christian Fellowship in Mt. Vernon, Washington.  Cesar, in addition to planting, has been active in leading the Filipino Network to plant churches throughout the Northwest.

    Pray for the church body, for continued growth and passion for reaching the lost in their community.  Pray for leaders to be developed and deployed to plant new Filipino works in the region and beyond.

    Pray for Cesar's family - wife Reyma, and children Nathan (11) and Eliana (8), as they serve alongside him. 

  • Pray for Jay and Debbie Chambers. Jay is planting the Chehalis Valley Community Church near Elma and Montesano Washington, currently meeting in the Brady Grange. Leveraging a decade of relationships while doing business in the Chehalis Valley, Jay has reached a multi-cultural mix of people. The church has an average attendance of 28. They have recently begun a recovery ministry. Pray that lives will be transformed by the Gospel as they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this Easter season. Pray also for Jay and Debbie as they grieve the recent passing of Jay’s mother.

  • Pray for Planter Joel (Il Hwan) Kim & Rejoice Church in Portland, Oregon.  Pastor Kim and his wife Joy have planted Rejoice to reach Korean speakers in their community with the Gospel.  Pray for open and receptive hearts to the Good News.  Pray for opportunities to minister in the community and develop deeper relationships.  Pray for their children, Justin (22) and Hanbee (17).

  • Pray for rePlanter Jeff Dankenbring and Freedom Hill Baptist Church in Sweet Home, Oregon. Jeff and his wife, Simone, are working to lead their plant to be a light in their community, a hope for the lost and hurting. Pray for them as they work to build relational bridges to the community while at the same time deepening partnership among other churches. Pray for Jeff and Simone as the Lord is drawing them out of their comfort zone, leading them to take personal steps of faith. Pray that out of the overflow of their walk with Christ that others would be emboldened to do the same. Pray that Freedom Hill will continue to reconnect to their community in this post-Covid culture.

  • Pray for the Good Friday services being held in various places, that even in this somber service the Gospel might go forth and change lives!

    Pray for these new churches that are launching this Sunday:

    • Iglesia Nueva Vida, Hillsboro, OR (Planter Walter Castillo)
    • Punto De Encuentro, Hillsboro, OR (Planter Nelson Castro)

    Pray for all of our church plants and partner churches as we celebrate our RISEN Lord and Savior this Sunday!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

    He was despised and rejected by mankind,

        a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.

    Like one from whom people hide their faces

        he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.

    Surely he took up our pain

        and bore our suffering,

    yet we considered him punished by God,

        stricken by him, and afflicted.

    But he was pierced for our transgressions,

        he was crushed for our iniquities;

    the punishment that brought us peace was on him,

        and by his wounds we are healed.

    We all, like sheep, have gone astray,

        each of us has turned to our own way;

    and the Lord has laid on him

        the iniquity of us all.

    He was oppressed and afflicted,

        yet he did not open his mouth;

    he was led like a lamb to the slaughter,

        and as a sheep before its shearers is silent,

        so he did not open his mouth.

    By oppression and judgment he was taken away.

        Yet who of his generation protested?

    For he was cut off from the land of the living;

        for the transgression of my people he was punished.

    He was assigned a grave with the wicked,

        and with the rich in his death,

    though he had done no violence,

        nor was any deceit in his mouth.

    --Isaiah 53: 3-9

Week of April 4

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Pastor Nhut Nguyen and Vietnamese Heart to Heart Baptist Church in Vancouver, Washington. Pastor Nguyen is developing, training, and deploying leaders to plant new Vietnamese churches in the Portland/Vancouver/Salem/The Dalles/Longview (coming soon)/Florida/California/TX/and the world through his online Bible Institute (The People of God). Pray for him and his network of leaders as they invest in these National and global leaders, and for the new churches being started. Pray they would be fruitful and reach multiple generations of the Vietnamese community with the Gospel.

    Pray for Pastor Nguyen's wife, Trang Vo, and their children as they minister as well.

  • Pray for rePlant Calvary Baptist Church in Albany, Oregon. They recently licensed Kris Wallace into the ministry (pictured along with his wife Megan and their two boys Royce and Crew). Kris will begin a year-long residency training program under the leadership of Replant Pastor Matt Holdahl before being sent out to plant. Pray for more churches to begin to intentionally develop workers to send out into the harvest field.

  • Pray for our partners: Emmanuel Baptist Church & Interim Sr. Pastor Joel Moore in Pullman, Washington.  Emmanuel has been a strong church planting supporter over the years.  They are supporting and encouraging Planter Jimmy Cruz, who is catalytically planting Hispanic works in Yakima, Tri-Cities, Pullman, and very soon in additional locations.  They have stepped up with significant help, not only for the plant, but also providing resources for Jimmy to bring his children to the United States!  Praise God for faithful partner churches like Emmanuel!  Pray they would be blessed as they pour out for others.  Pray their church would be strengthened even as they seek to strengthen these new church plants with their resources, time, and talents.

  • Pray for David (Sung) Lee & Erica (Myungok) as they plant Puyallup Korean Baptist Church in Puyallup, Washington.  Pray God would infuse their body with a passion to share the Gospel with the lost, and that hearts would be open to hearing the truth about Jesus.  Pray for their children, John (18), Amy (17), Daniel (14) as they grow and labor alongside their parents on behalf of the Kingdom.

  • Pray for business partnerships to develop that will support church planting through donations, as well as through businesses that planters and team members can start to provide income and open doors in their communities.  Pray for current opportunities in process, that they would proceed and begin to be effective resources for church planting.  Business can open doors that might be otherwise closed, especially in more affluent communities.  

Week of March 28

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Tyler Clark and Table of Hope Church in Puyallup, Washington.  Table of Hope will celebrate the one year anniversary of their launch on Easter this year. Pray for this young church, that as they mark this upcoming milestone they will find an even deeper passion to reach their community with the Gospel.  Pray for financial partners to come alongside and help shore up their needs.  Pray for Tyler and Tracia as they raise their four great kids: Amy-Lynn (15), Katie (11), Josiah (10), and Emmy (4).  

    Please be praying specifically for Amy-Lynn, who has felt called to start finding ways to better connect church planter's teens.

  • Pray for planters for the rural areas of the Northwest.  Often overlooked, because they might not be as "glamorous", these towns and communities still have a great need for a Gospel presence.  Planting in a more rural setting requires a willingness to really plant roots and develop the relationships to open the door for spiritual conversations.  There is a need for workers who will plant their lives and a church in communities all over the Northwest.

    There are a growing number of churches throughout rural parts of Oregon, Washington, and N Idaho that are facing some very difficult decisions about their future. Several of these churches are without a pastor (and have been for some time). Without new leadership, many will be voting to either replant or close down entirely. Pray that the Lord will raise up and send out workers into the harvest field that can lead these churches to envision new life for these struggling communities.

  • Pray for Grant Welch and CrossPointe West in Vancouver, Washington.  CrossPointe West is reaching young families in the urban center of Vancouver.   Pray for Grant, his wife Erika, and their two girls Søren & Sigrid as they serve.

  • Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash.com

    Pray for our future church planters and church planting team members sitting in the existing churches, waiting to be called out.  Pray for pastors to see the potential in them and plant the seeds of leadership that will blossom into tomorrow's church planters.

  • Pray for John Peters and Living Water Fellowship of Salem, Oregon.  Pray that they would be effective in reaching their community with the Good News. Pray for opportunities to speak into the lives of those around them. Pray for John's wife, Cindy, and their grand-daughter Naomi, whom they are raising.  Pray for energy and renewed passion to daily pursue Christ and His Kingdom.

Week of March 21

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Al Del Vecchio and Farm & Family Missions in Bow, Washington.  Al is planting while also continuing to serve in the Navy Reserve.  Pray for him as he ministers, that he might be able to steward his time well.  Pray for open hearts among those he comes into contact, and for spiritual growth in the church body.  Farm & Family Missions was planted as a part of Impact Multiplied, a church planting church/network in Skagit County.

    Please be praying specifically for Al's ailing Father who, barring a miracle, does not have long here on earth.  Pray for Al's Mom as she cares for both her husband and Al's brother, who is paralyzed from a drug overdose and can't move or speak.  Al is traveling frequently to help his Mom, pray he can be effective in ministering to his family during this extremely hard time.

    Pray also for Al's wife Christianne and their kids: Evangeline, Aurelia, and Carina as they serve alongside him in ministry.

  • Pray for several potential planters and key church leaders in North Idaho as they tour communities and discuss how to partner together to grow the Kingdom through new churches!

    Northern Idaho is growing by tens of thousands of people, the majority of whom do not know Jesus. More affordable real estate, a conservative-leaning political climate, and an incredibly beautiful outdoors with a large variety of options (hunting, fishing, hiking, snow skiing, water skiing, etc.) are drawing the masses to this region. However, there is a shortage of gospel-centered churches. New churches are crucial to reach Coeur d’Alene, Rathdrum, Hayden, and many more communities.

  • Pray for Martin Leyva and Go Iglesia, in Woodland, Washignton.  Martin is planting Go Iglesia as a part of the Go Church Family Network to reach the surrounding Hispanic community.  Pray for him, his wife Graciela, and their grown children Martin Jr (and family) and Grace as they passionately reach out with the Gospel to the lost and hurting.

  • Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash.com

    Pray that the marriages of our Planters would be strengthened.  Planting a church adds very unique stressors on a marriage, and it can often be challenging to find time apart from ministry to connect.  Pray for opportunities to step away from the busyness of planting to really spend meaningful time together.  Pray for God to raise up godly men and women to encourage them in this area, to provide childcare and resources for date nights and time away.  Pray they would be of one mind and heart as they serve the Lord together.

  • Pray for Miguel Mejia as he plants Iglesia Biblica Internacional in Lebanon, Oregon.  Pray for him and his wife Alba Aquino as they reach out to the Hispanic community around them with the Good News of the Gospel.  Pray for opportunities to engage in people's lives and to share Christ. 

    Please pray specifically for the finances needed for Miguel and Alba to finish their Immigration process and receive their Green Cards.

Week of March 14

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Planter Wes Walls and Dwelling Place Church in Seattle, WA.  Dwelling Place Church is located in Magnolia, a lovely quiet neighborhood tucked away just northwest of downtown Seattle.  Pray for Wes and the church as they invest in relationships within the community.   He shares these specific requests:

    1. Please pray for breakthroughs in the lives of our friends who are not yet believers. Fear of loss, pride in accomplishments, and the love of money are barriers to so many of our friends to wholeheartedly rely on Jesus. They have heard us share our faith with them, and we long to see the Spirit breakthrough and show our friends that Jesus is better than what they trust in now.

    2. Please pray that our church would continue to grow deeper in the Gospel in such a way that our own hearts would rest in God's love and that we would freely live out the implications of what it means to be a child of the Father. We live in an area that greatly admires and even demands that people be high performers so it is easy to think that our performance is what matters most. We want the Spirit to make us people who rest in the acceptance of God, so that we can prophetically challenge the performance-driven mentality of our friends and neighbors.

    Pray also for Wes' wife Adrienne and their two beautiful daughters: Evie (10) and Sophia (2).

  • Pray for our new partners: First Baptist Church of Pampa, Texas, and Senior Pastor Byron Williamson.  Pray as he and his wife, Jana, meet with planters in Seattle to determine where to partner.

    Pray also for True Life Church in Wichita, KS and Lead Pastor Norm Duncan as they too meet with planters in Seattle this week to find the right partnership.

  • Pray for Planter Vergil Brown and Redemption Church in Portland, Oregon.  Pray for them as the reach out to the community around them with the Gospel. Vergil is an experienced church planter who serves as a guide to others.

    Pray for Vergil's wife Kelsey, and their four kids: 

    Olive (14), Lincoln (12), CoCo (8), Georgia (6).

  • Pray for the children of our church planting families. These kids often are open doorways for building relationships in a community.  However, church planter kids also feel the hurt and angst that comes from the messy beauty that is a new church.  Pray for their hearts to be shielded from hurt.  Pray for them to see the joy in following God's calling, even in the midst of hardship.  Pray for wisdom for planters and their wives as they raise their kids in unique settings.

  • Pray for Planter Stephen Ward and Resonate Church Spokane.  Resonate Church is a movement of collegiate church plants on numerous campuses in the Northwest and surrounding regions.  Resonate Spokane, however, is focusing on the city itself! Pray for Stephen, his wife Karis, and their kids (Brennan, Sydney, and Isabelle) as they engage their community, bringing the Gospel into work, friendships, and day-to-day life.

Week of March 7

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Randy Burrows, as he pastors First Baptist Church (Dexter, Oregon) and rePlants in Oakridge, Oregon. Pray for insight as they begin to exegete that community and for relationships to develop with Persons of Peace in the area.

    Randy is a catalytic rePlanter, who has assisted in getting multiple church rePlants going in Oregon. Pray for him and his wife, Kandy, as they pour themselves into this vital work.
  • Pray for Planter Stephen Searles as he wraps up his apprenticeship with The Hallows and prepares to begin planting in May.  He will be planting The Pointe, a rePlant of First Baptist Church, Federal Way, Washington.  Pray for the remaining members at FBC as they begin to adjust to the changes required to truly rePlant their church to reach the community.  Ask the Lord to prepare hearts and start opening doors to reach Federal Way afresh with the Gospel and see lives changed.

    Pray for Stephen's wife Jessica, and their baby girl, Sparrow.

    As mentioned in a prayer text last week, please continue to pray for Stephen's family as they grieve the sudden loss of his brother, Alex.

  • Pray for Founding / Lead Pastor Andrew Arthur, and The Hallows Church in Seattle, Washington.  The Hallows meets in three locations (which they refer to as "expressions") - in Fremont, in Shoreline (led by Pastor Jeff Hundley), and West Seattle (led by Mark Smith).  The Hallows celebrated their 10th anniversary in February of this year.  Congratulations on hitting that amazing milestone!

    The Hallows has been active in supporting church planting in the Northwest, from Andrew leading church planting cohorts, to church planting internships, and more.  We are grateful for them and their partnership!

  • Pray for Planter Jeremy Cook, and Pioneer Church in Corvallis, Oregon.   Pioneer's current Sunday meeting location is in limbo - essentially week to week. Please pray that they might find favor with their landlords, especially that they might be allowed to continue there through Easter. Pray that God would provide an even better location, if they do need to move.

    Please also be in prayer for:

    • outreach efforts this month, that their door hangers will connect with hearts looking for Hope and that new relationships will be cultivated
    • continued provision for the church and the Cooke family
    • for God's protection over the children, that their hearts would continually be captured by Jesus

    Please lift up Jeremy's wife, Brooke, who is pregnant with their 7th blessing, as well as their children - Berakah (18), Beraiah (16), Judah (14), JJ (12), Benjamin (9), and Cedar (6).

  • Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash.com

    Pray for the spiritual well-being of our planters and pastors in the Northwest. The enemy seeks to keep them from gaining ground -- discouragement, disunity, and depression are battles that are hard to overcome some days. Pray for Gospel opportunities and receptive hearts as planters strive to develop deep relationships in a stand-offish culture and have spiritual conversations in a morally ambiguous world. Pray as they prepare for this weekend's services, upcoming events, and spring and summer outreach. Pray that they would have wisdom and keep the prize of Kingdom growth ever before them. Ask God to undergird them with strength for the battle, lest they become weary along the way. Pray for partners to come alongside them to be a listening ear, a voice of wise counsel, a helping hand, and a loving heart.

    I lift up my eyes to the mountains—

        where does my help come from?

    My help comes from the Lord,

        the Maker of heaven and earth.

    Ps 121:1-2

Week of February 28

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for the multiple potential partners who are participating in Vision Tours in Portland and Seattle this week.  Pray that they would forge deep connections and see how their churches can be a part of growing God's Kingdom in the Northwest.

  • Pray for Planter Sahara Chea, and Southeast Asian Ministry (SEAM) in Tacoma, Washington.  SEAM was planted primarily to reach Cambodian refugees in the greater Seattle area.  They are doing so in a large part by outreach to meet practical needs in the community.  Pray that their ministry would be effective in communicating the love of Christ and result in many entering the Kingdom!

    Pray for Sahara's wife, Sima, and their girls Bella and Lyna.

  • Pray for our partners: Impact Multiplied (or Impact X).  Impact X is a church multiplication movement primarily based in Skagit County., started by Timothy Moore. It includes micro churches, conventional churches, and Maximum Impact Training (MIT) for ministry leaders.

    Pray for their leaders as they train and disciple and send them out to plant.  Pray they would be strategic in where they plant, and that God would provide the men He is calling to be future planters.  

    An update from Timothy: "Impact Multiplied has been doing evangelism training and folks are sharing their faith. We are beginning to see a significant harvest, with fourteen new believers baptized this morning (2/27/22). Pray for new believers to become disciple-makers and for the harvest to continue. We are also licensing a young man to Gospel Ministry at the Impact Center this evening. We will be licensing seven new leaders in the next two months that are in our church planting pipeline. God's good work is evident among us and we are grateful!"

  • Pray for Planter Adrian Lauran, and Word of Life Romanian Church in Portland, Oregon.  Word of Life was planted to reach the Romanian population in the city, but Adrian has a special passion to reach the next generation of Romanians with the Gospel.  Pray for them as they reach out to multiple generations and seek to share the Good News.  Pray also for Adrian's wife, Adriana, and their kids Ana, Filip, and David.

  • Pray for our partners: Gateway Seminary - Pacific NW Campus, led by Director Mark Bradley.  Gateway Seminary has trained hundreds of Northwest Pastors and Planters over the years.  Pray for Director Bradley and his team as they teach and invest in our current and future leaders.

Week of February 21

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Planter Matt Boyd and Sojourn Church in Portland, Oregon.  Sojourn Church is focused on reaching the inner east side of Portland,  Pray for them as they reach out to an incredibly diverse group of people with the Gospel.  Pray for open doors and opportunities to minister in their communities.  Pray they might shine boldly as a light for Christ in a dark part of the Northwest.

    Pray for Matt's wife Andrea, and their boys Eliot, Liam, and Oliver.

  • Pray for Living Hope Church and rePlanter Shawn Snyder in Medford, Oregon.  Living Hope Church was replanted in 2016, and has since planted a second campus in Ashland with planter Jordin Crow.  Living Hope has a robust intern program that is investing in future church planters and church leaders.

    Pray for Shawn's wife Tina as she ministers alongside her husband, and for their kids Aaron, Rileyann, Rachael, and Wayne.

  • Pray for our partners: Pray for Resonate Church, led by Keith Wieser.  Resonate is a collegiate church planting network currently with 15 sites around the Northwest, both on college campuses and off.  They just wrapped up ResCon22, a gathering of all these campuses for a weekend of worship, fellowship, and training.  Pray for those that made decisions during the conference to pursue church planting - as a planter or team member.  Pray for the impact these students will have as they return to their campuses around the NW on fire for God!  Pray for the pastors and leaders of Resonate, that they would continue to discern where God is leading them to plant next, and that they would have wisdom as they continue to pour into students, that the next generation might know Christ!

  • Pray for planter David Ginn and Two Bridges Church in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.  Pray for them as they invest in the people in their community, doing life together.  Pray for opportunities to have Gospel conversations.  Pray they would be a strong influence for Christ in an incredibly liberal neighborhood.

    Pray for David's wife, Jennifer, and their kids Arya and Jameson.

  • Pray for the NWBC Financial Team, led by Pamela Brock.  Pamela and her team, including Dondi Harmon & Brian Yaw, work tirelessly behind the scenes to support the convention and our churches. Pray they would be blessed as they are a blessing to so many! We are thankful for all they do to help the convention run smoothly!

Week of February 14

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Stuart Bell & City Center Baptist Church in the heart of downtown Seattle, WA.  Pray they will be faithful to carry the light of the gospel to downtown Seattle.  Pray for breakthrough conversations that lead to new life.  Pray for encouragement as they till this hard, hard soil.

    We praise God for a successful procedure in Dec 2021 to remove a blood clot from Stuart's brain.  Please continue to pray for ongoing healing and health.

    Pray also for his wife, Lisa, as she labors alongside him for the Kingdom!

  • Hope in the Grove was planted in Cottage Grove, Oregon several years ago by the passionate people of New Hope Baptist in Creswell, Oregon.  They saw a need for a Gospel presence, and felt called to meet that need.  Their initial planter transitioned away, however, and they have been a plant without their own planter for a while now.

    Praise God, that he has called Mike Samuels and his family to fill that need!  Mike will be transitioning in the next month to Cottage Grove to lead the plant.

    The housing market is very challenging right now.  Please pray the right housing at the right price would become available for the Samuels, so they can make the move quickly and easily.  Pray for Mike's wife Brooke and their 3 daughters as they adjust to a new home and make new friends.

  • Pray for our Partner - The Gathering Place in Vancouver, Washington, led by Pastor Tim Crownover.  The Gathering Place has a long history of partnering with church plants.  They are currently providing meeting space for another of our church plants, Project Truth Community Church (Pastor Marcus Shambry).  Pray they would be blessed as much as they are a blessing to others!

  • Pray for God to raise up new churches and planters for Gig Harbor, Washington. Positioned just west of Tacoma, the city is experiencing rapid growth. It is on a trajectory to grow from a population of 17,000 to over 35,000, as new housing is exploding - subdivisions mostly, but some multi-family housing. 
  • Pray for the Administrators at the Northwest Baptist Convention!  Led by Executive Assistant Kristen Johnson, this team is the behind-the-scenes powerhouse that makes everything run smoother!  Pray for Kristen, Heather Malm, Denise Harvey, and Leigh Ann Stark, that the work of their hands would be a blessing and would bless them in return.  Thank you ladies, for the many ways you serve our churches and our staff!

Week of February 7

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Church Planter Spouse Nimsi Lara.  She was recently diagnosed with some form of cancer that has begun to spread to other parts of her body. They don’t yet know where it originated and are hoping to get into a treatment program at OHSU.

    Pray for her husband, Eduardo, as he cares for her and for their plant (Nueva Esperanza) as they love on their family during this uncertain and challenging season.  Pray for their daughters Jesed (14) and Hannah (9) as they struggle with their Mom's illness.

  • Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash.com

    Pray for the Church Planter Wives. Church Planter Wives carry a heavy load between helping to plant the church and caring for their husband and kids. Planter Wives are often the behind-the-scenes, unsung heroes of a church plant. We are SO incredibly grateful for them!

    February in the Northwest can include short, gloomy days. This coupled with the challenges of Covid and the uncertainty of church planting can lead to times of discouragement. Please pray for encouragement, refreshment, renewal, provision, and joy. Pray that each Church Planter Wife finds at least one close, local friend and confidant.

  • Pray for Green Acres Baptist Church of Tyler, Texas...long-time Northwest Church Planting partners. GABC has supported multiple church planters, as well as our network as a whole. GABC has been one of the strongest mission-focused churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. Pray for GABC's new leaders, Missions Pastor John Roach, Senior Pastor Michael Gossett, and Executive Pastor Hixon Frank. Pray for GABC's missions team as they establish their criteria for future partnerships.

  • Pray for planter DJ Lowrance of Sola Church in Kennewick, WA. Pray they would be diligent to reach their neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that they would find favor in their community.

    Pray for DJ's wife, Candice, and their three

    daughters: Peyton (17), Alethea (15), and Raina (10).

  • Please pray for Northwest Baptist Convention Executive Director Dr. Randy Adams, as he leads our Convention team in serving the churches of the Northwest.  Randy is a strong advocate for church planting.  He has been in hundreds of the NWBC's over 500 churches.  Under Randy's leadership, the Northwest Baptist Convention is the strongest that it has ever been.

    Pray for Randy's wife, Paula, as she ministers alongside her husband to the pastor's wives and in various other ministries.

    Randy and Paula are also key leaders in their home church (plant), Go Church.

Week of January 31

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Will Forrest & Summit LIFE Church in Issaquah, WA.  Located in the heart of Issaquah, please pray that they will be a light to their community.  

    Pray for Will's wife Tiffany and their four awesome kids.

  • Pray for Natalie Hammond, NWBC Church Planting Administrator.  Today marks 21 years serving in her role under Gary Irby - first with Puget Sound Baptist Association and more recently with NWBC.  Pray for her as she seeks to administratively support the church planting team, as she hosts events and strives to encourage planters and their wives.

    Pray for her husband, Brian, and their children - Josh (14) and Abby (9).

  • Pray for Zac Minton and The Rock Church in Spokane, WA.  Pray for:

    • the online church ministry, that it would continue to grow and bear fruit
    • plans to build a new building on the church property to increase capacity
    • for the youth group to grow and flourish, that many young adults will come to Christ
    Please pray for Zac's wife Nichole, and their kids Issac and  Lilian.
  • Pray for more church plants to reach the upper income white-collar workers in the Northwest.  Bellevue, Seattle, and Portland are home to some of the wealthiest people in the world.  Pray for opportunities to reach these people who have no tangible needs with the overwhelming richness of God's amazing grace. 

  • Pray for Muana Khuptong and Zomi Bethel Church in Portland, Oregon as they reach the Zomi ethnic group of people (predominately from Myanmar and India).  Pray they would be bold to share the Gospel.

    Pray for Muana's wife, Ziri, and their 3 adorable kids.

Week of January 24

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for our Russian & Ukrainian churches as tensions rise in their home countries.  Pray for more churches to be planted for these people groups, and that the uncertainty of this present age would open doors to share the hope of the Gospel.

  • Happy birthday Aaron!!

    Pray for Aaron Carpenter & Soundside Church in Tacoma, WA.  Pray God will bless their outreach to their community, and that opportunities would arise to share the Good News.

    Pray for Aaron's wife, Nichole, and their kids William, Alayna, and Wesley.

  • Pray for our partners: Aaron & Tiffany Zavala and their ministry Equip Worship.  The Zavalas have been active in equipping and training worship leaders and teams for church plants and churches.  Pray for them as they release their 5-part online training for worship leaders: https://www.equipworship.org/pipeline

    Pray that they would be blessed with strength and energy as they pour out into others.

  • Pray for planter Ryan Sidhom & River City Church in Vancouver, Washington.

    Pray that God would continue to grant the church influence in the city of Vancouver.  Pray for open doors to serve the felt needs of the community, and that this will give them opportunities to share the Gospel.

    Pray for River City to be fruitful as they work towards multiplication on all levels.

    Pray for Ryan's wife, Clarissa, and their boys Banner and Anchor.

  • Pray for the NWBC Communications Team, led by Cameron Crabtree.  The Communications Team (Cameron, Zack Gregor, Sheila Allen, & Ken Houston) helps keep our convention informed about what God is doing in churches and church planting in the Northwest.   

Week of January 17

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

    Pray for wisdom and healthy, Gospel-infused conversations in our churches around racial issues and tensions, resulting in healing and restoration.  

    Pray for the nations, that all might hear the good news of the Gospel.  Pray for church plants to be started for all peoples.  

  • Pray for Marcus Shambry and Project Truth Community Church in Vancouver, WA. Marcus has been leading Project Truth for over 5 years, while raising his three boys as a single father.  Pray for him as he pastors and fathers his boys.

    Pray for Project Truth as they seek to share the Gospel with their community.

    Marcus led a Leadership Think Tank of young which successfully launched an online church of Project Truth.  Pray for the effectiveness of this church to reach others and disciple the believers effectively.

  • Pray for our partner Joe Chambers.  A former Northwest pastor himself, Joe has been a huge support to our planters and pastors by providing Soul Care through conferences, gatherings, and individual meetings.  He is passionate about caring for the souls of our leaders.  Pray for him as he pastors his own church in Buena Vista, Colorado.  Pray for the Spiritual Retreats he leads for couples.  Pray for continued refreshing of his spirit as he ministers.  Pray for his wife Lynette, and his grown kids and precious grandkids.

  • Pray for George Mungai and Neema Community Church in Everett, WA.  Originally from Kenya, George and his wife Pauline are reaching Kenyans and others in their community with the Gospel. Neema Community Church worships in Swahili and English. 

    Pray for open doors for the Gospel to go forth.

    Pray for their food ministry to the needy, that it would bear spiritual fruit.

  • Pray for the NWBC Church Health & Evangelism Team, led by Joe Flegal.  Their team helps church plants become stronger churches as they mature past their initial planting years.  They lead our convention in church strengthening and revitalization, pastor clusters, worship ministry, children's ministry, and student ministry.

    Pray they would be effective in ministering to churches.  Pray for wisdom as they meet with and counsel pastors and encourage them.

Week of January 10

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Please pray for Eduardo & Nimis Lara and Nueva Esperanza de Creswell (Creswell, Oregon).  Please pray specifically:

    • The Laras have been informed that they will need to find new housing by the end of February and the current housing market is proving difficult. Even if they can find a new place, the current market will require their rent to almost double. Additionally, because they have an R1 Visa and do not have their Permanent Residency Visa (in process), it is hard to find rental agencies that will consider them.
    • Pray as they partner with Northwest Collegiate Ministries to reach out to college students on nearby campuses.
    • Pray they would be effective in sharing the Gospel with their community.
  •  Photo by ilya mondryk on Unsplash.com

    Pray for encouragement for our planters, that they would build in healthy rhythms for soul care.  Northwest weather can be dark and gloomy, and the ongoing pandemic and unrest in our times can

    sometimes make even the most optimistic person look at the days ahead with uncertainty..  Pray for daily reminders of God's call and grace in their lives.  Pray for God to raise up Barnabas-like men and women who will be sources of encouragement when they feel weary.  Pray they would be attuned enough to their souls that they would seek help when needed and not soldier on alone and hurting.  Ask the God of Hope to be their ever-present companion today.

  • Pray for Keith Carpenter and Epic Life Church as they seek to reach North Seattle with the Gospel. Epic Life is determined to bring light and transformation to the Aurora Corridor, an area that has been marked by drugs, homelessness, and prostitution. They have significant influence in their community and have seen great progress, but there is much yet to do. Keith Carpenter and Epic Life are key church planting partners in the Northwest. Pray for them as they reach out to the lost and hurting, and as they help lead, train, and support church planters.

    Pray for the entire Carpenter family - Kristine, and their boys Konnor, Kaden, Kody, and Kaleb.

    Oh, and a very Happy birthday today to Keith!

  • Pray for Haggai Habila and Living Spring Fellowship.  Haggai and Mary, along with their 3 kids - Magdiel, Haziel, and Michelle, planted their first campus over 10 years ago in Des Moines, WA.  Not too long after that, a call came that resulted in them starting a second campus in Lynnwood, WA.  After a move a couple years ago, they began work on a third campus in Puyallup, WA.  Originally from Nigeria, the Habilas serve tirelessly to reach the lost in their communities with the Gospel of Christ.

    Pray for strength and energy, as Haggai also serves as a hospital chaplain.  Pray God would bless their efforts and that many would come to know His saving grace!

  • Pray for NWBC consultant Gary Floyd. Gary oversees Northwest Disaster Relief, Associational Relations, and Chaplaincy. Pray for him as he directs these ministries. Pray for church planting leaders to be raised up to work alongside Disaster Relief to build upon the relational investment the DR teams make in a community. Pray for the next generation of leaders to step forward for DR ministry. Pray for the many Directors of Missions, Moderators, and Chaplains that Gary serves and supports.

    Pray for Gary's wife Dianne, their kids, and grandkids.

Week of January 3

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for the church planters God is calling to start new churches in the Northwest this year.  Pray for softening of the soil, that the fields truly would be ripe for harvest.  Pray for team members to be raised up to walk alongside these lead planters.  Pray for clarity of calling, both to planting and to a location / people group.

  • Please pray for Yalid Fuentes and Highland Baptist Church Español.  Pray they would be salt and light to the community of Redmond, Oregon and be able to effetively reach the lost with the Good News.

    Congratulations to Yalid and Melissa for their newest addition, Seth (born Nov 2, 2021).  Pray for them and for their daughter, Anna Grace, as they minister to those around them.

  • Pray for our partners, Oakwood Church in New Braunfels, Texas!  Pray for  Senior Pastor Ray Still, Exec Pastor Rusty Rice, and Associate Pastor Jeff Covington as they lead their church to reach their community and beyond.  Oakwood has been a faithful partner in the Northwest for a number of years, partering with Epic Life Church in Seattle, our Hispanic ministry (led by Ivan Montenegro), and with our church planting efforts overall.   Praise God for such faithful partners!  Pray that they might be blessed abundantly, even as they have blessed us!

  • Pray for Nelson Castro and Point of Encounter Church in Hillsboro, Oregon.   Pray that they would have favor in their community and be given many opportunities to share the Good News with the lost.

  • Pray for our Team!  

    Please pray for Ivan Montenegro, who serves as NWBC's Hispanic Church Planting Catalyst.  Ivan leads the Hispanic Biblical Insistute in Lynden, and is catalytically starting new churches and raising up planters to both pastor those churches and also to send out to begin new churches.

    Pray for his wife, Lavi, and their son Ivan Jr, as well as their grown daughters Evai, Ivania, Gabriela, and Alexa.

Week of December 27

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Happy belated boxing day to our neighbors to the North!

    Please pray for our partners and planters in Vancouver BC, including Send City Missionary Peter Blackaby, CP Catalyst Steve Lee, HUB Administrators Patsy Woodard and Jessica Holmes, and retiring CP Catalyst Ray Woodard.  Please pray for God to bring new planters and partners to serve in the Greater Vancouver area, and for strength and encouragement for those already planting.

    Praises for the many years of service Ray & Patsy Woodard have given to the ministry of planting in BC.

  • Pray for Ankhbayar Jigjid and Eternal Joy Mongolian Church of Seattle.   Pray for their efforts to reach the Mongolian population in North Seattle and beyond with the Gospel.

    Please also pray for Ankhbayar's family - wife Badnaa, daughter Yesugen & son Erkhes.

  • Pray for our team!

    Please pray for our newest addition to the team, Rob Walker.  Formerly lead pastor of New Hope in Creswell, Oregon, Rob is now serving as both NWBC Church Health & Evangelism AND Church Planting Catalyst for Region 4 (Central & Southern Oregon).  Please pray for him as he connects with current pastors and churches, as well as finding new planters and discovering areas in need new works.  Pray for his wife Kristen and their kids as they support Rob in this new role.

  • Pray for Mark Ford and Go Church in Ridgefield, WA, that God will help them to reach more people for Christ.  Pray also for his wife Kristy as she serves tirelessly alongside Mark to build up the body and reach the unbelieving.

    Go Church is part of a larger network, Go Church Family Network (aka Go Net), also led by Mark Ford.  Please lift up the launching of their three church plants this year: Makers Church (Planter Jason Page), Go Igelsia (Planter Martin Leyva), and Go Church - PDX (Planter Dustin Payne). 

  • Pray for 2022 to be an unprecedented year of churches planted and lives changed.  Pray for our current plants to thrive, and for new plants to be birthed.  Pray that God would move in a mighty way across the Northwest and that many will turn to Him.

    The Lord bless you

        and keep you;

    the Lord make his face shine on you

        and be gracious to you;

    the Lord turn his face toward you

        and give you peace.

    Numbers 6:24-26

    Happy New Year!

Week of December 20

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for Daniel Englehart and The Mountain Church in Des Moines, WA.

    Please pray

    • for God to bring/raise up evangelistic people who have a heart to share the Gospel with their city. 
    • for healing for the body from some internal hurts from the past year
    • for wisdom and discernment to lead well
    • for growth
    Please also be praying for his wife, Stephanie, and their three adorable girls: Addisyn, Avery and Ana.

    Click here to watch a full prayer update from Daniel.
  • Pray for Ricardo Barber & One H.O.P.E. Church in Portland, OR.  Praises for their first new member class, and prayers requested for many more to follow.

    Pray for their outreach ministry Urban Wings Aviation and Aerospace Leadership Club.

    Please also pray for Ricardo's wife Menya, and their kids Taylor, Hope, Faith, and Tytus.

  • Please join Pastor Aaren Gushwa and CrossPoint Community Church in Yreka, CA as they pray for planters to reach the ethnic populations in their community.  Pray specifically for planters among the Hmong, Hispanic, and Native American peoples.

  • Please pray for Kairos Church in Walla Walla, WA.  Their planter/pastor resigned earlier this year.  Please pray with the remaining members for wisdom and discernment whether to close and sell the property or pursue becoming a rePlant.

  • Lift your voices up in praise to our great God for the gift of His Son! 

    For to us a child is born,

    to us a son is given;

    and the government shall be upon his shoulder,

    and his name shall be called

    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    Isaiah 9:6

    Merry CHRISTmas!

Week of December 13

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for our team:  

    Pray for Nancy Hall, NWBC Women's Missions Specialist.  Nancy works tirelessly to encourage and support planters/pastors wives in the Northwest.  She is also a champion for planters and their families, creating the Adopt-a-Planter program where a church or individual can "adopt" a planter family to support and encourage.

    Also, a very happy belated birthday, Nancy (yesterday)! 

  • Pray for Planter Jonah Easley and Awakening Church in Bellevue, WA.   Awakening is nearing the end of their contract at their current meeting location (the Residence Inn) and are looking for a new home.  Pray for wisdom, peace and discernment as they seek the right location.

    Please pray for Jonah, his wife Katherine, and their children Evan, Adele, and Elijah.

  • Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash.com

    Please ask the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers to reach the Chinese diaspora in the Northwest.

  • Pray for Tom Tang, planting New Creation Chinese Church, a Mandarin-speaking congregation, in Beaverton, Oregon.  Some specific prayer requests:

    • financial provision, as many in their congregation are young or unable to work due to visa status
    • for their children's ministry, as they are blessed by almost as many children as adults!
    • that they would stand firm and rejoice in Christ, regardless of any difficulties
    • wisdom for Tom to balance work and prioritize time with his wife Jessie and girls Esther and Elizabeth
    • for New Creation's leadership to continue growing in faith, love, and unity
    • that members would not be ruled by fear of COVID, be bold to share the gospel with friends and bring them to church
  • Pray for our partners!  Please pray for the IMB NW - Pacific Rim Peoples workers Jim & Becky Graham, Britton & Tara Carnes, Sarah Reed, and Brittney Carnes as they strive to connect with the Chinese diaspora in the NW and across North America. Pray that new churches will be birthed, and planters and leaders raised up to take the Gospel back to their home countries.

Week of December 6

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for the Associations that make up the NWBC and the Directors of Missions, Moderators, staff, and teams that lead them.  They strive tirelessly to serve the churches and plants in their regions, and we are grateful for them!

    • Central Washington Baptist Association
    • Coast Baptist Association of Lincoln & Tillamook Counties
    • Columbia Basin Baptist Association
    • Coulee Baptist Association
    • High Desert Baptist Association
    • Inland Empire Baptist Association
    • Interstate Baptist Association
    • Mt Baker Baptist Association
    • Northwest Baptist Network
    • Olympic Baptist Association
    • Puget Sound Baptist Association
    • Southwest Washington Baptist Association
    • Willamette Valley Baptist Association

  • Pray for Eric Diaz and Abide Church in Pasco, WA. Eric is planting the church with his brother, Professor Adam Diaz. Abide Church is closely tied with Columbia Basin College and is reaching students and young singles and families in the Tri-Cities area.  Pray for Eric, his wife Victoria, and the leadership of Abide as they seek to be a light to the college and surrounding area.

    Pray specifically:

    • that their access to the college campus would continue to grow
    • for the students hearing the Gospel message, that they will have open hearts to understand and be saved
    • for God to continue to raise up leaders from within the church both to lead within Abide and to plant additional churches

  • Pray the Lord of the Harvest to raise up and deploy more rePlanters in the Northwest.  RePlanters are a unique type of planters, who are able to take a dying church that has agreed to the process, and work with the remaining members to start a new work.  

    Pray for existing congregations that are considering if it is time for their church to step aside in order to give birth to something new--a new legacy for the next generation and beyond. Pray for the remaining members as they allow God to stretch them to embrace where He is leading next.

  • Pray for rePlanters Matt & Tiffany Holdahl, and their kids Bradyn, Charley Ann, and Abram, and their rePlant Calvary Baptist Church in Albany, Oregon.

    Pray for the Gospel to take root in their neighborhood. Pray that God would direct their steps, developing leadership, & discipling new believers.

  • Kent Staton

    Pray for our Team!

    Pray for Kent Staton, serving as NWBC Region 5 Church Health & Evangelism / Church Planting Catalyst.  Region 5 encompasses Eastern Washington, NE Oregon, and Northern Idaho.  Pray for Kent as he travels and meets with pastors and planters.  Pray for wisdom as he helps churches navigate the decision to rePlant.  

    Pray for his wife Debbie as she supports Kent as he serves in this role.

Week of November 29

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

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  • Pray to the Lord of the Harvest for more Co-Vocational workers to plant churches in the Northwest!

    "Co-vocational" planting is when the planter has a clear calling in the marketplace that he never intends to leave, even while planting a church.

  • Pray for planter Jacob Dahl and Resonate UW!

    Jacob is working to plant on campus at University of Washington, as well as plant a secondary off-site plant.  They were able to hold their first preview service in November, and hope to continue to do preview services monthly to gain traction.

    Please pray that UW would quickly grant their club status so they can begin meeting on campus where the students are focused.

    Pray for his wife Jessica, and their two kids Hudson & Valerie.

  • Pray for our partners! 
    Dr. Gary Smith, Northwest Advocate, former Sr pastor of Fielder Church in Arlington, TX, and NAMB Ambassador, has brought more than 100 potential partner churches to the Northwest.

    Dr. Smith connects on average with 10-15 pastors each week.  He is asking for prayer for divine appointments with those who should come on a vision tour and consider partnering in the Northwest.
  • Paterson Family

    Pray for Ryan Paterson and A Church Family Network (CFN).  CFN is a multiplying network of churches in Vancouver/Portland and beyond.  Pray for their residency program, as they raise up new planters from within.  Pray for them to be successful in multiplying churches, cohorts and gospel teams.  Ryan is a co-vocational planter, so pray for opportunities for him to bring the Gospel to the workplace as well as to his community.

    Pray for Ryan's family - wife Rebecca, and kids Ashlyn, Caleb, Eli, Addy and Cora.

  • Pray for our team! 

    Please pray for Region 3 (Portland/Vancouver) Church Planting Catalyst Wes Hughes.  Wes is a gifted encourager and connector/collaborator, with a passion for soul care.  Pray for him as he strives to encourage his planters and their families, as well as striving to discover new planters and partners.

    Pray for his wife Charlean, and their grown kids Abby, Zac & Cody.

Week of November 22

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Photo by Jason Buscema on Unsplash.com

    Pray the Lord of the Harvest will send out workers into his harvest. (Matt 9:38)

    Pray specifically for the planters and partners for North Idaho.  The communities of Coeur d'Alene, Hayden, Rathdrum as well as the surrounding areas are seeing an explosion of growth.  Tens of thousands of new residents have arrived and more are expected.

    Pray for Inland Empire Baptist Assoc. Moderator Dan Brandel and NWBC Catalyst Kent Staton  as they lead local churches in this endeavor.

  • Pray for our partners, Northwest Baptist Foundation led by Foundation President Clint Overall.  NWBF provides financial and legal guidance for church plants, established churches and individuals and has helped resource the NWBC and church planting.

  • Pray for Discovery Church (Seattle) and Planter Kevin Gibbs.

    Pray that God would provide older, seasoned Christians to plant alongside them.

    Pray for their new disciple-making groups, that they would see faith deepen and outreach to lost friends widen!

    Pray for Rebecca, and their sons - Barrett (Bear), and their brand-new miracle baby, Cameron.

  • Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash.com

    Offer a prayer of Thanksgiving to the Lord for His goodness to us. He has sustained our planters through Covid. He has started more NWBC church plants than ever before. He has blessed us with wonderful partners. He has continued to bring the lost to Himself…including each of us. God is good.

  • Pray for our team!

    Please pray for Phil Peters.  Phil  is our "utility player" catalyst....while he is assigned specifically to help with the work in Regions 2 and 3, he is also assisting with works in Regions 1 and 5 currently!  Pray for him as he travels throughout the Northwest, meeting with planters and pastors to coach and encourage them.  Pray for his wife, Elaine, and his two grown daughters Beth and Becky.

Prayer Archive

Here you can find past week's prayer topics.

Week of November 15

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for our partners: the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT, or Texas Baptists.)  Pray for their annual meeting which is happening this week (Nov 14-16).  We are thankful for the many ways BGCT and their churches are already partnering in the Northwest.

  • Pray for our team!

    Happy birthday to Gary Irby, Church Planting Director!! Gary tirelessly strives to see the Gospel planted through new churches throughout the Northwest.  Pray for continued wisdom and direction as he leads the Northwest Church Planting Team.

    Pray for his wife Joyce, his four grown kids, and their families.

  • Pray for Scott and Rachel Stewart, who are replanting First Baptist Church in Toledo, Oregon.

    Please pray for Rachel, who is pregnant and was diagnosed with Placenta Accreta Syndrome. This is a life-threatening condition if she does not receive proper medical care when delivering her baby.  The distance to the hospital is over an hour away, and she will need to stay several weeks after delivery as well.

    Pray for the Stewart children: Abigail (6), Samuel & Silas (4), and baby girl (unborn).

    Pray the replant will keep on the mission of redeeming Toledo with the Gospel.

    Pray for Toledo, that the community would see Jesus as their satisfaction.

  • Pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send out church planters to continue planting new churches in the Northwest! Pray for those He is preparing and calling out even now.  Pray He would raise up team members and partners to help plant His churches. 

  • Pray for Planter Rich Hutchins and Stilly Valley Church with campuses in Stanwood and Arlington, WA.

    Pray for good health for the Hutchins family, as they are consistently out in the community and around lots of people serving.

    Pray for Pastor Rich - in addition to pastoring, he also does electrical work. Pray for discernment as he chooses which of the many jobs available he should take, to balance what is needed to provide for his family with not overworking himself.

    Pray for Stilly Valley Church as they have just begun a food distribution ministry to the community. This could build up to 50 boxes of food a week for needy families. They are also working towards being able to provide an additional warm meal for those in need in the middle of their Wednesday night service.

    Additional prayer needs include needing a worship leader, and the need to secure a new meeting location for worship by Jan. 1, 2022.

Week of November 8

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

  • Pray for the Lord to raise up planters to reach the Afghani peoples in the Northwest. We currently do not have any SBC churches that are specifically reaching this people group.

  • Pray for Vancouver Arabic Healing Church, led by pastor Fayze Hanna.  Fayze and his wife, Eman El Said,  are originally from Egypt, and are reaching Arab speakers in the Vancouver area.  They are blessed with five children.

    Please pray for their daughter's application to Harvard, for Fayze and Eman as they minister to families going through divorce and hard times, and for their church, that they might experience growth and unity.

  • Pray for more churches and individuals to desire to partner with church plants.  True partnership is prayer support, mission involvement, financial giving, and advocacy.  We cry out for committed partners who see the need in the Northwest and seek to be involved long-term for the sake of the Kingdom.

    We are thankful for Brazos Pointe Fellowship in Lake Jackson, TX, led by Pastor Greg Pickering. They have been long-time partners with the Northwest.  Please pray for them that they might receive back blessings ten fold for their generous spirits. Pray specifically for their transition as they recently made the difficult choice to close one of their campuses.


  • Pray for our Hispanic network.  The Biblical Institute in Bellingham, led by Ivan Montenegro, is currently training approximately 50 Hispanic planters and leaders.  Pray for plans that are in process to launch a second Biblical Institute in Pasco, Washington. 

  • Pray for our team!

    Please pray for Tim Howe.  Tim is catalyst for Region 1, which stretches from Tacoma north to the Canadian Border and East to the mountains.  He is tireless in his passion to meet with our current planters to coach and encourage them, as well as to seek to recruit planters and partners to join them.  Pray for refreshing and rest in the midst of his crazy schedule.  

    Pray for his wife, Kim, and kids Nadia (who just started college this year), Matteo and Mariel.