Congratulations! The decision has been made — you are going to be planting a church in the Northwest! The next question, of course, is “now what?” There are a number of things that you need to accomplish (even before you leave your current home for your new home, if you are moving from elsewhere to the Northwest). To help you keep track and guarantee that everything is in place, the Seattle Church Planting Group has provided you with a detailed check-list of tasks that you need to accomplish. Click on the link below to download the detailed check-list. Check off each item you complete as mileposts in your journey towards planting a church.


Please do NOT treat this list lightly. It is intended to be a significant guide for you as you move toward planting a church. The items included are ideally to be completed BEFORE you ever get to your church planting field. The more you complete before you arrive, the better. Once you are on the field, you will be able to focus more on establishing relationships. Completing as much of the work as possible before arriving on the field usually allows the planter to conserve financial resources for the more relational components of planting….like being with people!


As you read through the list, many of the items will have hyperlinks to other areas on the web site. After you have finished reading through, take the time to click the links and explore these other great resources.


Decided Process Checklist


Don’t be afraid to ask questions too. Your Church Planting Catalyst and the Church Planting team is there as a resource, and often will have great ideas, clarification, and suggestions. The Church Planting Hub and the NWBC both offer (paid services) help in setting up and managing finances and more.  They are both a wealth of resources, and can help with initial set-up for no cost to your plant. For more information, or to get connected with the right people for your region, contact us.