Being confident of God’s calling to Church Planting is only the first step in the process of becoming a Planter. Those that God has called must also determine where His Spirit is leading them to plant a church. Experience has demonstrated that God calls certain people to plant churches in particular areas. In His wisdom, God matches the personalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and psychographics of the planters and the planting field. In some instances He calls a planter that has significant skills in cross-cultural ministry to plant in a pioneer area.


With the assistance of the Northwest Church Planting Group you can find a field of focus that matches your team’s gifting. There are a number of regional cultural nuances that make this a particularly difficult but exciting field to plant a church in. Connect with us for direction to key areas that might be a good location for you and your team.


If you have identified a field of focus that seems to be the perfect fit for you and your team, continue on to the Direction page to continue to the application portion of this process.

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