Adopt a planter

While the challenges of starting a new church from ground zero are well known, those who might offer assistance are often at a loss to know how to help.  Thoughts like "We are not a big church", "we do not have extra money", or "there are no plants near us" often deter Northwest Churches from reaching out to partner with Northwest plants.

The reality is that Northwest churches have abundant riches at their disposal to help care for and support local plants, if they would just realize it.  What do I mean?

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  • Church planting can be lonely.  If the planter came from outside the area, it often takes a long time to build deep relationships that will provide for simple things, like childcare for a date night or a listening ear to hear their struggles.  For those raised up from within the region, they often have a different set of struggles - the stigma that comes with already "being known", and the challenges of finding support beyond their home network's reach.  Even though we have seen God grow the number of church plants in our midst significantly in the past twenty years, we have not yet multiplied to the point where we have a plethora of close nearby peers for planters to connect with across the regions.

    Adopting a Planter is a way for a church, network, family, or individual to say "we've got you!".  Showing the planter and their family they cared for, being prayed for, and meeting their practical needs is a great way to build up the core of a new church plant. 

  • Adopting a Planter is a way for a church, network, family, or individual to get involved with missions on a local/regional level.  We help pair you with a planting family that you can care for and support.  What most find is that this care and support become a two-way blessing!

    The program itself is not highly structured.  What you do and how you do it are up to you.  Someone once described it as ‘doing the things you would do for your own children or grandchildren.’  

    It is not necessary for groups to adopt a church planter from your own geographical area, though you can. It is also not a requirement to provide financial assistance (though it is always a blessing if you are so led). The main purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for those who would support others outside the walls of their own church by assisting a church planter who may be struggling and have significant needs and benefit from some encouragement. Our goal is to have every church planter in the Northwest adopted by someone.

  • There is great leeway to think with creativity when dreaming of ways to assist a young church and the planting family.  Here are just a few suggestions to start...

    • prayer for and with the planters, by phone/zoom/in-person
    • sending them encouraging notes/emails/texts
    • remembering church planters and their families on birthdays or anniversaries
    • showering them with gift cards
    • providing manpower for events
    • prayer walk neighborhoods around the new church area
    • provide childcare for a night out
    • Short-term mission trips to assist with whatever is needed, from events to practical needs
    • taking the planter/family out to coffee or a meai if you're local (or visiting if you're not!)
    • Including the planting family in your church events - youth retreats, church getaways, etc.
    • Inviting the planter to share during your service, and praying as a body over them. Giving church planters the opportunity to share their work with the adopting church would also strengthen bonds
    • cover the cost for the planter's kids to participate in a sport or activity

    The opportunities to be a blessing are endless.  One of the best ways to get started?  ASK THEM - "how can we best encourage and bless you today?"  You might be surprised at the answer!

  • When you have decided you are ready to Adopt a Planter, please complete the form below.  That will begin the process of connecting you with a planter family. Once a church planter is selected, Nancy Hall, NWBC Woman’s Missionary Union director, will help with connecting with the chosen church planter.  

    A word of caution, however, if you are uncertain.  Adopting a planter but not following through can be more painful then not being adopted in the first place.  Please do all you can to honor your commitment to the family you choose.

    Being the answer to someone else's prayer, even an unspoken prayer, is a beautiful thing.  God's body caring for one another by intentional means like this can only strengthen the Kingdom.  May you be blessed as you bless others!