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  • Over the past 20 years, the number of Southern Baptist Churches in the Northwest(1) has grown from more than 50% to approximately 500 churches.
  • Other evangelical networks have also experienced growth through prayer, Gospel sharing, discipleship, and service.


  • Christ followers are still the minority in an increasingly secular society. Places such as Seattle are highly spiritual but still pre-Christian.
  • Although there has been growth in the number of churches, the number could be far greater. Too many churches, especially new ones, do not survive primarily due to lack of financial resources in an area of exorbitant home prices.(2)


  • While prayer, faith, and the faithfulness of the local church are the primary resources through which God provides, business has also been a part of God’s plan as seen throughout scripture (the oil and the widow’s jars, Paul the tentmaker, Lydia the seller of purple).
  • In the Northwest, we are blessed with exceptional church planters. Innovation guided and resourced by exceptional business leaders and donors can help us close the gap on need and help ministry move beyond survivability to vitality. 

(1)The Northwest Baptist Convention covers Washington, Oregon, and northern Idaho.

(2)Median home prices in Seattle are more than $700,000. Homes on the Eastside (tech/research corridor) are over $900,000. The rest of the Northwest is following behind.

Here’s how…

  • Invest in a Turn-Key Business – Think in terms of a business (such as a popular franchise) that can be started in Year One by a business person and a church planter. The church planter is responsible for the business’ public relations, which gives him access to community. In Year Two, the planter shifts the majority of his focus to planting the church, while the business continues to grow to support the church plant.  (Example: FOBS Pizza)
  • Provide the finances for a micro-business. Help a church planter obtain training and needed equipment/materials to become a “tent-maker”. Planters or their spouses in the Northwest have done a variety of business. Owning a business also helps provide income for international planters who cannot get a traditional job because of the limitations of their immigration status, such as a student or religious visa. (Examples: Sushi stand owner. Gluten-free mixes producer. Window washing/pressure washing. EMT. House painter. Landscaper.)
  • Donate, loan, or invest funds to help churches secure facilities. While some locations could be traditional stand-alone churches, the ideal scenario would be an income generating property that also provides meeting space. Churches often miss out on prime opportunities because they lack the liquidity to move quickly. (Example: A church plant in Spokane missed out on a property that would have provided a worship location plus a 5-figure/month net income because they did not have $250,000. Now they have earnest money, but the opportunity is gone.)
  • Adopt a church plant or the network. Some individuals have the capacity to provide start-up costs and ongoing support for a new church at a financial level equal to or greater than what a megachurch does. Adopting the network can help those church plants (usually international churches) who are woefully under-resourced. Infrastructure that increases the health of church plants can also be provided. (Example: Church Network Hub)


Start a new business yourself for the expressed purpose of generating funds for planting the Gospel through church planting!

How to join us…

Let us hear from you. Shoot us an email, text, or just pick up the phone and call.

Gary Irby

NWBC Church Planting Director

email   Ph. 206.355.5028

Natalie Hammond

Church Planting Administrator

email   Ph. 425.640.3676

To schedule a phone, web, or in-person meeting with Northwest Church Planting Director Gary Irby, reach out to Natalie (contact info above).

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Let us know of your interest and we can provide you with a catalog of church planters from around the Pacific Northwest.

Pray for us.

Starting a church is a calling and a passion, but it is also REALLY hard. No amount of money can just make it happen. It is a spiritual endeavor with great opposition. We need your prayers.

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The greatest impact happens when you bring others along to help on the journey. You know other business experts and donors. Please be our advocate for the Kingdom’s sake.

Thank you in advance for all that God will do through you!